Rivendell's Equine Assisted Therapy


Welcome to Rivendell 

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) (EPI Model) is a Gestalt based counselling approach that practices I thou Horsemanship skills and weaving the way of the horse with Clients.

NDIS Approved Service Provider


Vision and Mission Statement

Rivendells Equine Assisted Therapy fosters the hope that recovery is possible, with the help of the horses, believing in the strengths and hard work of recovery that promotes empowerment and everyone's recovery is unique and their own journey.

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Meet the Horses

Get to know the Horses behind Rivendell's Equine Assisted Therapy.



Reg Paint Horse Gelding 15hh

Sunny is our senior Equine he will be 24 this year on the 13 October. Sunny was born and bred in the Wee Jasper Valley NSW.

 Deb has been lucky enough to have had Sunny's Company since he was an hour old.


Storm "Stormy"

Rescue Pony Gelding 13hh

Storm was a rescue pony who came to Rivendell almost 4 years ago. 
Storm is rising 4 years old and has come along way. I have noticed that Storm is cheeky, playful and friendly.



Reg Paint Horse Gelding 15hh

Elmo is 16 this year his birthday is 25th August, Elmo joined Sunny at Rivendell four years ago. Elmo is a little spirited at times he keeps every one on their toes.


Gandolf  "Gandy"

Rescue Thoroughbred Gelding 17hh

Gandy has been at Rivendell for about 7 months. Gandy towers over the other horses he is approx 17 hh. Gandy is rising 16 years old and a gentle giant.


 Molly " Miss Freckles" 

Arabian  Mare 14hh

Molly and her friend Amber were kindly donated to Rivendell by a kind Lady who was moving. Jenny's wishes were for the mares to stay together and find their forever home. Molly is 14 years old.


Amber " Miss Bossy"

Arabian x Quarter Horse Mare 14hh

Amber and Molly were kindly donated to Rivendell they have found their forever home. Amber came with the nick name Miss Bossy but I have noticed it only applies around feed time.  Amber is 20 years old and going in to her senior years.



aka Snip

Snip is the 7th member to join the herd at Rivendell.
Snip finished racing at 7 years of age and was kindly donated from his former owner.

Snip is gentle, calm paced and a pleasure to be around. 


About Rivendell

Rivendell is set on a picturesque 150 ac property.
The homestead was formally Mt Pleasant Hotel Circa 1888.


Rivendell's Equine Assisted Therapy

Mindfulness With Horses

How it works
Equine assisted therapy EAP/ EAL program
Participants go through a series of mainly one-on-one interactions with horses, under the supervision of an EAP/EAL practitioner.
As prey animals, horses are acutely attuned to the body language of humans.
"The horses act as mirrors, so whatever your energy is, or your emotions are at that time, they're going to mirror that to you”.
This is thought to help develop life skills like self-awareness and the ability to regulate emotions and to promote awareness, be in the here and the now and live in the moment.


Horses Healing Humans


              Awareness creates choices

your recovery journey starts here


Opening Hours

Monday 10.00 am to 5.00pm 

Tuesday  10.00 am to 5.00pm

Wednesday  10.00 am to 5.00pm

Thursday 10.00 am to 5.00pm 

Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm  

Expresions of interests welcome 

Mounted sessions available 


About Rivendell's Equine Assisted Therapy

Debora  Lewis trading as Rivendell's Equine Assisted Therapy

let me introduce myself,

my name is Debora Lewis,
I have recently achieved an accreditation in Equine Assisted Therapy EAP / EAL. 

I trained through

The Equine Psychotherapy Institute (Meg Kirby) and had the pleasure of being mentored by Sue Lamond at Loadstone NSW where the training was held. 

  • Member of the Australian Counsellor Association

  • ACA 13493 ( Level 2 Counsellor) 

  • Diploma in Counselling

  • Diploma in Community service 

  • Cert VI Mental health peer support.

I have been fortunate to have been around horses for 34 years and they are still teaching me new things with their out breaths and the beautiful energy they bring living in the moment, the here and now as well as promoting awareness. 

I have had horses consecutive years since I was 13 years of age, currently running a herd of 7 horses.

In  the days of my youth I  had the opportunity of working (work experience) at racing stables and saddlery.

I studied Horse Husbandry at Tafe. In my early 20's working at paint horse stud in NSW (where Sunny was born), I was mentored in equine massage and had a exciting opportunity to work at fox hunting stables. 

I'm hoping to offer the rural community a non judgemental inclusive service that supports people on their recovery journey fostering hope for the future with the help of the horses in equine assisted therapy. 
Kind Regards 
Debora Lewis


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a customer referral program?

Clients can be referred by their case managers or service providers. Self managed Clients can contact Rivendells Equine assisted Therapy for more information.

What if I am not satisfied with Rivendell's Equine Assisted Therapy?

What to do if there is a problem?
Speak to Debora directly if there are any concerns with the service and Debora will attempt to resolve them.
Compliment, complaints and feedback forms will be available.

What is EAP/ EAL equine assisted learning ?

Horses bring a unique authentic relationship that helps humans self regulate, promote awareness and live in the moment.   

EAP & EAL clients or groups can learn these skills or overcome problems from resources taught to us from the Horses:

  • awareness and self regulation

  • Leadership

  • Non verbal communication

  • Assertiveness

  • Creative thinking

  • Teamwork

  • Relationships

  • Confidence

  • Behavioural issues

  • Post traumatic stress disorder

  • Eating disorder

  • Self-confidence and Self-esteem.

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • Addictions

  • Grief and Loss, Separation

  • Life Transitions

  • Relationship breakdown

  • Spirituality / Existential issues

  • Sexuality

  • Inner Critic

  • Behavioral problems

  • Life stage adjustment

  • Stress

  • Connection to Nature

  • Inclusiveness and social Connections

These resources can help guide people on their recovery journey with Mental health and Personal development or Leadership skills. 


The Horses and I are looking forward to meeting you.

Kind Regards 
Debora Lewis 


Get in Touch

Rivendell's Equine Assisted Therapy is committed to meeting your needs, questions, comments or special requests?
We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate contact us today.

Rivendell 1533 Mt Perry road Moolboolaman QLD 4671

by appointment only.

Phone: 0499409693

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